Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Perfect Word

I have just learned that the word ABRACADABRA used by magicians of all ages all over the world, comes from the Aramaic word ABRAHADABRA, which literally translates into "I will create as I speak."
So clearly this reiterates once again, that the human ability to share words is the most powerful creative force in the world. Just one word can create, destroy, wreck havoc, soothe, console, and uplift.
Is this the right place to admit that my favorite word is "imagination?"


  1. This post 'clearly reiterates once again' that Sayantani Dasgupta is one of the best writers this world has ever produced!

  2. I am with Butterfly.

    Terry Pratchett once said about imagination, "Imagination, and not intelligence, made us human."

  3. Do you think they changed the H to a C because, perhaps, to an English-speaking audience it would sound like 'Abra had a bra'? I guess that's just my wild imagination talking. :P

    Lovely post. And it felt good to be back here after so long.