Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Lightning Conversation

One of the main reasons I had not advertised this blog was because I wasn't sure whether I myself will continue writing on this for too long. But given some particularly encouraging words I received in the recent past from fellow bloggers--Smita and Sinjini--who happened to stumble upon it, I am back.

Today is a nice, relaxed Sunday for me. I intend my blogpost to reflect the same. So I am thinking on the lines of a conversation...a made up conversation...made up of Facebook status updates.

I have wondered in the past, how it would be if I was to compile the status updates of my friends in an attempt to build a coherent conversation out of it? Let me try it today:

"A friend is looking for Car... small to medium segment... budget 4-5 lacs... Ur vote goes to???"

"Baby has an ultra goopey eye (since yesterday morning, is getting more goopey). )-: Been doing the breastmilk treatment which usually works. Might be time for something else...any suggestions?"
"Hot chocolate fudge icecream (fatfree)!"

"I washed my hair."
"YOU are a phenomenal woman, a beautiful person,doing an extraordinary job."

"Will work to remove boredom."
"It's time to unwind."

"Can you believe it's raining cats and dogs?"
"This adds a new dimension to my pride."

"Just give me one thing that I can hold on to."