Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Small, smaller, smallest?

I am fortunate to have (for the most part) open-minded students. Today in one of the classes, I was able to share with them one of the most astounding people I came across this last weekend at the Winter Fishtrap Gathering.
Here is Dee Williams and the story of her remarkable home. It truly isn't for everyone, but I certainly learnt a lesson or two. Here's one more story on her from the TIME magazine.

But whether or not you read any of the stories, please certainly watch this short, entertaining video.


  1. Super cool. Takes courage and creativity to pull off something like this. The coolest thing is the solar power but kudos to living without a shower at your disposal!
    I still want a house bigger than hers (a little would do). Please don't judge me.

  2. I'll try. My best. But cannot promise.

  3. This is SO cool! It is amazing that she is so happy with so little. It really puts things in perspective. Thank you for sharing this.

  4. Awesome !! You need tons of courage to even think of something like this.