Friday, May 21, 2010

In the summer time...

I like to watch movies.
No surprise there for those who know me. I can watch movies everyday, especially for the big screen experience.

Two recent movies I saw--Robin Hood and Letters to Juliet. I went for the first one with sky-high expectations imagining a bloody, tension-ridden, rollercoaster which would make me rediscover my intense love for Russell Crowe. That didn't happen. Actually, none of that happened. I thought making Robin Hood sound like a contemporary politician wasn't the best idea, at no point with any of the action scenes did I feel as if Robin himself was threatened, and despite occasional bursts of genius and awesomeness, I thought Crowe made for a very old, jaded-looking vigilante. Not the best deal when you are seeking to fall in love.

I went for the second movie with zero expectations. And it turned out to be, in spite of its cliches, quite entertaining. I guess anything that has a background of Italian vineyards and historical sites with noisy local men and women working their way through giant hunks of cheese and rich, red wine, is already slated for a grand, visual experience. Which is why, I will actually give Letters to Juliet a bigger thumbs up.

Did I just commit the unthinkable?

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  1. I haven't seen or heard of(thanks to Kolkata's cinema halls, where most English movies don't release) either of these movies. But I can say this much. The movies which we go to watch with a lot of expectations, turn out to be bad in 60% cases.It happened to me last Friday, when I went to watch 'Kites'.